The following is a collection of self built and volunteer built structures photographed in the ‘Jungle’ that have been removed, or cut-out from their settings. Through this practice of cutting-out, we attempt to alter the level of resolution and understanding of the space that they existed in.

Individual structures were built in Calais in spite of the political and physical conditions to provide some resistance to the weather. The structures form an emerging vernacular architecture, and architectural typology. This vernacular is instructed by a scale and materiality that is intrinsically linked to the hands: materials that can be carried and put together with hand tools: tarpaulins, canvas, insulation and items that can be folded. Importantly, these are made by people – residents and volunteers – to form the type of spaces and sociality that those people wished to be a part of. In these structures we can see a stark difference to state sanctioned ‘container/containment-architecture’ built by governments and private contractors.